Thursday, March 12, 2015

Knitting for Charity (Socks as a Fund Raiser)

Knitting in Public
I had only recently learned how to knit socks, when knitting at a meeting my sock was admired.  Knitting in public nearly always generates interest and comments.

Click here: Knitting in Public has a day!

But this time I was knitting at a place where I volunteer. We raise money from time to time and I had previously baked fancy desserts for a $100 donation each (limit of 10 per year)!

Fund Raising Idea is Born
The person sitting next to me said " I wear socks. I guess socks would be a larger donation than a cake?" I thought quickly and said "yes, $500".  She agreed to donate $500 to our organization upon delivery of the socks. 

Custom Knit for the Big Ask
I asked her to measure her ankle around and the ball of the foot  and got color approval. I used Austermann Step -- a sock yarn with aloe in the yarn for the pleasure of the knitter. The color way was a muted pink and beige. So you see they must be custom knit.

Quality is Important
That was 10 years ago, I understand she is still wearing those socks!


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